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"To make living itself an art, that is the goal."

I believe our purpose is to uncover our potential, inspire others to achieve theirs, and say yes to the things that will make a better story. It means stepping outside your comfort zone, embracing uncertainty, and doing more of what you love.

I'm Ivonne. I'm a combination of many things – different choices, experiences, and stories yet to come. I'm a marketer, painter, writer, designer. A traveler. A storyteller. An optimistic realist. A border kid passionate about exploring all corners of the world. I speak fluent English and Spanish – chopped German and French. I'm a certified yoga teacher. I love soup, pasta, and tacos. And you can often find me playing the guitar, working on a new project, or planning my next adventure.

Whether we choose to go left, right, or create a new path, I believe every decision we make leads to a different journey – shaping us into the person we are and have yet to become. As I continue to navigate through my journey, I'll be documenting things I've learned and experienced right here – adventures, projects I'm working on, life lessons, and things in between.